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and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -


I have just returned from a beautiful venue in England - Fairfield House, near Minehead on the coast in Somerset.

We had such good weather that every day the group went for walks along the Bristol Channel during our lunch breaks.

I had been holding Reiki First degree & the Master Practitioner degree classes.

It was touching to have one 80 year old lady in the group. She was amazingly fit, very keen on her spiritual path, wanting to learn Reiki and how to be present. There are always lovely people in my Reiki groups, similar minded, with an openness to connect and learn with others. After dinner together, we met again in the group room and enjoyed some self-healing. The picture shows our Reiki Altar in the group room.

Everybody loved the venue

Home-made bread at Fairfield House

We enjoyed healthy, delicious food, cooked with love by Shruti. The homemade bread (gluten free) was especially well received.
When Shruti showed us around I was taken by her love, care and the creativity she put into the refurbishment of each room. The bedrooms are all named after enlightened women from different traditions and eras. Each room tells a story of the enlightened female mystic it is named after, which is fascinating.

Inspiring rooms

Rabiya Room at Fairfield House

For example the room called 'RABYA' is named after a mystic woman from the 8th century C.E. She belongs to the Sufi tradition and had amazing wisdom, love and compassion for the people she lived with in the village.
The room is decorated in green, as green is said to be the colour of the Sufis. This is just to give you a taste!
Other rooms are named: 'Meera', an Indian woman, famous in the Hindu tradition for her devotional songs to Lord 'Krishna' (Hindu God); Irina Tweedie, a Sufi woman; Hildegard von Bingen, a mystic woman in the Christian tradition.

I am really looking forward to returning again to run more courses at Fairfield House.

The Venue

Fairfield House

Fairfield House is a vegetarian bed and breakfast and holistic venue offering a range of wellness, yoga and vitality retreats.
Close to Exmoor, the Quantocks and just a few miles from the sea, the house is well positioned for visiting some of the most beautiful locations in Somerset and Devon. 


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