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Reiki Master Practitioner Training

Reiki Master Practioner Training

This training is for those students who have achieved Reiki First and Second Degree Trainings and may have the urge to find out more about themselves.
The attunement with the Master symbol (fourth Reiki symbol) further empowers you and allows a feeling of gratitude to enter your life and enrich you.
The flavor of meditation is contained throughout the whole training and deepens your own awareness and healing.


The Reiki Master Practitioner Training

The Master-Practitioner Training starts with reviewing the content of the First and Second Degree Teachings (selected elements of the teaching content- as needed).  You receive an advanced knowledge about the use and meaning of the Reiki symbols.
Each participant receives the empowerment and initiation with the Master symbol. Your healing channel will be amplified and the available Reiki energy is much stronger.

The Training includes

  • Teaching of the Master-symbol (use and meaning).
    Meditation with the Master symbol (and chanting).
  • Learning to activate the higher vibration of the Master symbol inside. This way you can direct the force of the symbol for work with yourself and others.
  • Usage of the Master symbol in daily life to enhance your personal growth and awareness, and to enrich your Reiki practise.
  • Reiki healing box, which is a way of giving permanent healing to yourself & other.
  • Exploration of our subtle energy bodies through practical exercises and guided healing meditations.
  • Each participant receives the empowerment and initiation with the Master symbol, which is an energy activating transmission.
  • Master Manual & Reiki Master Certificate

The Reiki Master Practitioner Degree is complete in itself. It can also be used as a preparation for the Master-Teacher Training at a later stage.

Students trained with other Masters are welcome!

Pre-requisite: Reiki First and Second Degree
Duration: 2 days

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"I’d like to welcome you in one of my Reiki Master Trainings Courses." - Tanmaya

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