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Reiki Master Teacher Training

reiki-master-trainingThis training is especially designed to give Master Candidates the opportunity to train as a Master in a condensed period, whilst receiving all the knowledge and expertise to become a fully initiated Reiki Master-Teacher of the Usui System.
The energy of Reiki and the activated symbols is transmitted to the student’s mind, body and spirit.


The Reiki Master Teacher Training

One of the most important aspects of the Reiki Master-Teacher training is the complex process of stimulating and activating energy-transmission (also called: attunement or initiation) with all the associated Reiki symbols. The energy of Reiki and the activated symbols is transmitted to the student’s mind, body and spirit.
After training as a Master-Teacher you will be qualified to teach and share the gift of Reiki with others, through initiations and passing on the Reiki knowledge to others.

The Training includes:

Part 1
The training starts at the weekend with observation and joining the Training class - usually the Reiki First Degree training- led by Tanmaya.
Furthermore there are individual meetings with Tanmaya and you will also give Tanmaya a Reiki treatment. This gives you the opportunity to review and examine your own Reiki practice.

Part 2
Part two runs over three training days and Tanmaya will teach the final content including:

  • The Initiation Rituals of First, Second and Third Degree.
  • Teaching of the Master-Symbol
  • The Master Initiation/ Empowerment with the Master-Symbol
  • Master Manual & Reiki Master Certificate
  • Practical issues (reg. teaching Reiki)

Part 3
Tanmaya offers the opportunity for all Master-Teachers to come in to the following weekend training - which is usually the Second Degree Class - to assist and observe the teaching.

Prerequisites: Reiki First & Second Degree (preferably Master Practitioner)
Interview: To join the Master-Teacher training an interview with Tanmaya is required to look at “Why you want to become a Reiki Master-Teacher” and consider background, training and practice with Reiki and to discuss any questions that arise. This can be done over the phone or in person.

Duration: 8 days

Prices & Booking

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More Information
If you are interested in the Reiki Master-Teacher Training
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“I’d like to welcome you in one of my Reiki Master Trainings Courses.” - Tanmaya.

"Tanmaya is an excellent teacher in the method of traditional Usui Reiki. I enjoyed very much her affectionate terms and ways to communicate the knowledge, practise and wisdom of Reiki. It is such nourishment for body and soul to learn Reiki and much more from Tanmaya." (Janette)

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