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Reiki Master Teacher Advanced Training

Reiki Master Teacher AdvancedThe Reiki Master Teacher Advanced is suitable for all Master Teachers who completed the Reiki Teacher Training with me or another Reiki Master Teacher. In this Teacher Advanced you will learn to pass on the essence and teachings of Reiki to others.


The Master Teacher Advanced Training

This newly developed teacher advanced educational program is tailored to the needs of the participants. You will learn to structure your own Reiki courses and to teach Reiki through practical application, trial and practice, as well as to pass on the knowledge of Reiki to others.

Contents of the Training:

  • You learn the composition and structuring of a Reiki course (for example of a Reiki 1 training class).
  • Effective teaching advices (details) are given, especially for the practical teaching part, such as teaching the Reiki hand positions (of R1) and guided meditations, etc ...
  • You learn, in a playful way, how to guide the students optimally and to accompany them in their own healing process.

Students trained with other Masters are welcome!

Prerequisites: Certified Reiki Teacher Degree
Duration: 2 Days

Booking & Info

If you are interested in the Reiki Teacher Advanced Course
Contact Tanmaya:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Reiki Students trained with other Masters

There is an extension of the Reiki Master Teacher Advanced. – This possibility applies after personal agreement.
Incl. Reiki Master Teacher Initiation and Reiki Master Teacher Certificate
Duration: Half Day- 10am till 1pm.

“I’d like to welcome you to my Reiki Master Teacher Advanced Training.” - Tanmaya.

“NOTE: If you would like a private healing treatment with Tanmaya - before or after the DAY - you will need to arrange this separately (extra costs are applicable).

"Tanmaya is an excellent teacher in the method of traditional Usui Reiki. I enjoyed very much her affectionate terms and ways to communicate the knowledge, practise and wisdom of Reiki. It is such nourishment for body and soul to learn Reiki and much more from Tanmaya." (Janette)

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